Meeting at AGU

AGU will offer many of us another chance to follow up on the US-Japan Joint Seminar.  Since our meeting in Hawaii, significant progress has been made on the forest disturbance recovery and nitrate isotope review syntheses. 

 Some of that work will be presented:

 H11D-1178. Comparison of methods for determining the hydrologic recovery time after forest disturbance, Tomoki Oda; Mark Green; Nobuhito Ohte; Rieko Urakawa; Izuki Endo; Todd M. Scanlon; Stephen D. Sebestyen; Kevin J. McGuire; Masanori Katsuyama; Karibu Fukuzawa; Christina Tague; Marino Hiraoka; Keitaro Fukushima; Thomas W. Giambelluca

 In the session: H11D. Hydrological and Biogeochemical Recovery in Forests After Disturbance Posters, 8:00 AM – 12:20 PM; Hall A-C (Moscone South)

For those of us who will be attending AGU, I hope that we can find a time to get together and discuss the status of projects and maintain the connections that started in Honolulu. I could provide an overview of the recent meeting in Blacksburg, VA and each team could give a quick update on the various projects (what has been done and where the work is going). 

 I propose meeting Tuesday afternoon at 5:00.  We could meet in the Moscone center, talk, and then continue talking over drinks and dinner in the evening. 

 In coming days, please let me know of your availability and interest.  Once I have responses, I will move ahead with planning.

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One Response to Meeting at AGU

  1. Rieko Urakawa says:

    Hi, Steve, everyone,

    Thank you for your proposal.
    I am available for the ‘Disturbance Recovery’ meeting at Tuesday evening.
    Also I can prepare for about nitrate recovery time which has been worked since last spring.

    I am looking forward to seeing you all in AGU.

    Thank you,

    Rieko Urakawa

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