Joint Seminar program. 

(for detailed program (updated 2/26), click here)

DAY 0 (Sunday) March 3, 2013

Arrival and check in at Equus and other Hotels

Dinner and social hour(s): TBA

DAY 1 (Monday) March 4, 2013

Introduction: Kevin McGuire (Virginia Tech), Nobu Ohte (Uniervisty of Tokyo), Stephen Sebestyen (US Forest Service)

Morning Session: Insights from process studies of stream flow generation

Discussion leaders: Brian McGlynn (Duke University) and Takashi Gomi (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Invited Speakers: Kelsey Jensco, Yuko Asano, Maki Tsujimura, Ken’ichirou Kosugi

Afternoon Session: Insights from process studies of biogeochemistry

Discussion leaders: Nobu Ohte (Uni. Tokyo) and Stephen Sebestyen (USFS)

Invited Speakers: Kyungsoo Yoo, Kazuo Isobe, Emily Elliott, Ken’ichi Osaka                                                                   

Poster session I

Keynote: Jeff McDonnell (Oregon State and Univ. Saskatchewan), co – chair of the 2000 Joint US – Japan Meeting: “An Assessment of Forest Hydrology and Biogeochemistry a Decade Later.”

DAY 2 (Tuesday) March 5, 2013

Discussion leaders: Emily Elliott (Uni. Pittsburgh) and Naoko Tokuchi (Kyoto University)

Morning Session:  Merging hydrologic connectivity and biogeochemical processing

Invited Speakers:  Todd Scanlon, Masayuki Itoh, Stephen Sebestyen, Naoko Tokuchi

Afternoon: Field trip with Honolulu Board of Water Supply

Dinner and socializing: no formal plan

DAY 3 (Wednesday) March 6, 2013

Keynote speaker: Keisuke Koba Univ. of Agriculture and Technology: “Nitrogen dynamics in suptropical and temperate forests elucidated by stable isotope techniques.

Morning Session: Understanding Catchment Vulnerability and Resilience in the Face of Change 

Discussion leaders:  Tomoki Oda (Kyoto), Mark Green (Plymouth State),a nd Kevin McGuire (Virginia Tech)

Invited Speakers:  Masanori Katsuyama, Ryan Emanuel, Taro Uchida, Tomoki Oda, Sarah Godsey, Shreeram Inamdar, Christina (Naomi) Tague

Poster session II

Keynote speaker: Rick Hooper (CUAHSI): “Transcending the uniqueness of place: Challenges and opportunities for catchment science.”

Dinner: Banquet at the Natsunoya Tea House

DAY 4 (Thursday) March 7, 2013

Small Group Discussion and Working Day

Questions will be developed after each session by discussion leaders. The workshop organizers will refine questions that will be used to stimulate discussion for small groups. Our goal is to define potential synthesis projects and ideas for collaborative research. Interaction of all participants is encouraged and expected. Discussion leaders will facilitate discussions, but not dominate or drive the agenda.